sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Publicada la segona edició de l'informe: Characteristics of a Disaster-resilient Community

Characteristics of a Disaster-resilient Community: a guidance note for government and civil society organisations working on DRR initiatives at community level.

The guidance note shows what a disaster-resilient community might consist of, by setting out the many different elements of resilience. It also provides some ideas about how to progress towards resilience. It can be used at different stages of project cycle management, particularly in planning and assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. It can also be linked to other tools used in DRR projects and research (e.g. vulnerability and capacity analysis). The guidance note is designed to support processes of community mobilisation and partnership for DRR but the findings of reviews and assessments carried out using the note may also have some value in advocacy work at local and higher levels.

Per a més informació, segueix aquest enllaç.

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