sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

100% renewable energy in Europe by 2050

Confronted not only with an economic downturn, but in particular with the challenges posed by climate change, an increasing fuel import dependency and rising fossil fuel prices, Europe urgently needs to develop solutions for a future sustainable energy system entirely based on renewable energy sources.
The answers to today’s challenges do not lie beyond our reach – they lie in the palm of our hands. By promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, we will be able to tackle both security of energy supply and climate change, while at the same time creating a future-oriented sustainable economy with high-quality green jobs.
We therefore commit ourselves to promote an economy based on energy efficiency and renewable energy and call on local, regional, national and European leaders to support and advocate a truly sustainable 2050 vision:
Leading by example: 100% renewable energy for the European Union!

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